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released April 6, 2012

Written Performed Recorded and Mixed by Gavin Redmond
With Michael Fortune, Stephen Parnell and Catherine Dolan
Mastered by David Rose at Platinum Mastering
Artwork by Catherine Dolan
Design by David Comiskey
All songs © Twin Terrace



all rights reserved


Twin Terrace Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: All These Aisles

Smoke breaks on the wall between the factory and the town
Transfer tattoos and work clothes as costumes

Now laughing
There's a scene and you're rehearsing the moves
The instant rumour turns you on your head
And you start to believe yourself

I seem to need you like you are the real thing
The real thing pictured getting in my way
Track Name: Our Friend The Atom

Shut me up
Slow me down
Show me up
Bring me around
We hand over lives
Cones of light in the greyest rooms
Turning dials

I sold you off and it felt so good
Don't rely on me for answers
Or food for thought
I bought myself in
Ready and willing
Don't look to me for observations or substance or anything

You drove through a blackout
Your headlights hot
Got pulled over and struck a cop
I woke the phone rings
I pull the strings
I wind the clocks
Tie the knots
Track Name: You Keep Coming Back

A swaying birdcage
A hole opens up to take me
If I call you will you wake me in a cold bath
Or a warm bed

Through the window
The street is pulled by rain
We could be as tall and true
As statues on a skewed plinth
Players on a queered pitch

As long as we remain like this
A noise through the wall, a throb a pull
You spill paranoid bleach over every thing

I dropped you
You came back to me like a bad penny
Soda teeth hungry eyes
A hell of a party on a one way street

As long as we remain like this
A noise through the wall, a throb a pull
You spill paranoid bleach over every thing

As long as they remain like this
Breath on a pane
A bump in the night
You spill paranoid bleach over every thing

Two strangers at a loose end
Heels over heads
Track Name: Victory Square

I'm staging a one man celebration in Victory Square
I resigned again today, the grass is greener

Rain attacks the soft apartment block
I go from shop to shop to source your drug
The wheels came off my vision
The wheels came off

They'll find a way to make you feel grateful

I wish people would stop
Coming through while we're talking
You remind me of someone I am fond of
Track Name: Aquarium

You stretch out and bathe
I'm sitting on the lip of the tub
You called me your finest boy
It doesn't get late at all
It just gets dark

So we make a move to decorate
If you pick the flowers I'll paint the walls
In the spirit of cooperation
I am keeping away from myself

It just gets dark

I knock back a drink
And the room turns away from me
I'm a reeling waste paper bin
The lipstick laughs

You are not here anymore and I am
You are not here anymore and I am
Track Name: Thin Air

Christina Thin Air
All lower case
Why don't they write you
Or take it easy on you?

Towering like what could be
The prospect that you could take part
Trouble would be okay
But you're always early

Christina ephemera collector

Trouble would be okay
But you're always early
He pulls up the drive in a hatchback
Cut off his ear and get in the back

I was the sound from both sides
The flags are empty
Thin air
Track Name: To Belong

I don't know what is pulling me
The wire tightens I wriggle free
I hear you late at night practicing your name
The more deluded that you get the straighter your aim

I looked for an explanation
I needed to know
I followed a buried river
It let me from home

I don't know what is pushing me
Her sorry eyes
Her slick machines
Cracked open like a chicken
Put back together like an egg
Track Name: I Thought I'd Leave With You

The bright moon I wish upon
Stares me down, strings me along
I'm crossing town, I'm tempting fate
A hand on the handle of your gate

This office stink
The day light bulbs
All I think about is getting out
Eternity is flooding through
A wheel let loose
That shoots down your avenue

Something may call me on
Like I'm ready to take this anger out
Now you're wearing your deepest eyes

I thought I'd leave with you tonight
Track Name: Green Park

I was desperate
Down to the last of my means
A hard luck story
When I came to you for money

Into street light I evaporate

I watched the powder
Dissolve into champagne
Your hair was spray glued
To withstand a hurricane

Into street light we evaporate

With so much damage ahead of us
Eleven floors of evidence
I waited at the window
Reflecting privilege

The gin will silver
We're resigned to this hotel
A dress glides from your shoulders
You came into my life

Washed up on a beach
Washed up on a beach
Track Name: How Dare Her

Her eyes will get used to the dark
You can bet and lay a silent thought on the wheel
She clutches an envelope
An address, a stranger's door
You can bet

Your eyes will get used to the dark
Stretching down the corridor
Old props and wigs, ratings figures
A microchip under the skin that you can wear

She cuts a deck of cards
I'm waiting at the memorial arch
She says she remembers David
Before he fixed his teeth

I hope I get it right
I hope I get it right
I hope I get it right
I hope I get it right